Modern US home in Thailand for $330 per month

The price of everything is really astronomically inexpensive compared to what we pay in the states. We have been searching for houses all week. We found two that we really like. One is like a tree house with dark teak wood construction. It is a one room house, up on stilts, with a bathroom upstairs, and a “kitchen” downstairs. Really, this is just a room with a small fridge in it. In the bathroom, the ceiling above the shower has an open ceiling (Thai skylights). And the furniture consists of 1 bed. But all around this beautiful little bungalow, are amazing trees and plants, and flowers. There are rock gardens and fountains and it is a writer’s paradise. The place is really beautiful. I only have 2 concerns: The first is the mosquitoes. Basically there is a space between the roof line and the walls, second, with the walls open, the AC will not be very effective. (We will have to buy an AC unit.) The owner did say she (which was really a he) would talk to her husband and see if they could enclose the roof to keep mosquitoes out and AC in. The price here was $303 dollars but for sure we will end up spending more to be comfortable.
The other place was a brand new house, just like in the states, with new everything including the mattress all for $333.00. It was perfect. It is only about 10 minutes from the city and is in a quiet area. All good things. But there is a part of us that is trying to have a different experience here in Thailand. And, this house just seems too much like home. I don’t know that I will feel as inspired there as I might in the little jungle bungalow. But then again, I don’t know if I will be able to concentrate if I am being eaten by mosquitoes. These are the items of the day to ponder and so I thought I might share them with you. Until next time…

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