Thai Culture and the necessary adjustments

We are starting to get adjusted to the city. Actually, now that we are over the shock of leaving beautiful Naples, we are actually really starting to see a lot of charm in this city. There are many quaint cafes, with lots of foliage and rustic wood seating. Each day we are finding more nature and areas with green. The temples are magical and so very peaceful, that at least if you needed to get away, you could escape into the quiet of the temples and all sanity would be restored.
In spite of the fact that we still do not have a place to live, we have made some progress: We have gone on our first long walk (2 hours), we have rented a scooter, and we have found a temple that gives Buddhist Meditation talks on Sunday afternoons in English. We also met a son and dad pair that also teach Buddhist Meditation (The quick, quick path). I think it is funny that every time I talk with someone about their lineage of Buddhism, they all, including me, say it is the quick path. And my question is…if it is so quick, then why ain’t I enlightened yet? :)
The other day when we were on that long walk, we started to get really thirsty. All along the road you see cart after cart of food and drinks, so it would not be so hard to believe that as we were walking along the road, we saw a business that had a table in front with 2 coconuts, 2 pigs heads, and some other stuff on it. So we told the shop owner we wanted to buy the coconuts. Imagine, all this in English with Thai people looking at us trying to decipher our Chinese to their ears. The guy kind of looked at Manny funny and was not sure what he was asking. Manny pointed, “THE COCONUTS…..WE WANT TO DRINK THEM” and then makes a motion of drinking and pointing (an activity we have gotten quite good at). So the man points to the shrine on the table, which was side ways from the side walk so we did not realize that these were offerings, and Manny was asking to drink them. We walked away laughing our heads off thinking how weird that must have been for that man to have people want to come and drink your offerings.
All in all, we are really starting to enjoy ourselves. We did a little workout on our patio yesterday, jumping, and squatting, and bouncing up and down from the benches. I think the man watching us from across the river might have thought we were a little crazy, but we had fun. And today, FINALLY, I went running. I could not take it anymore. I was starting to get like a kid with ADHD. I was talking fast, and getting really pushy. I even got sent to my quarters to give Manny some time to work on his web site so that I did not annoy him to death. So today, when we went walking, I said that is it, we are running! And running we did.
There is only one small issue I have when I run. I know it is kind of personal, but I thought I might share it for the sake of a good laugh for you all. Well, my problem is this… I can never go to the bathroom right when I wake up. I always need to jog a bit to get everything moving. Now this is not a problem at home because I can plan my runs around the Starbucks on Central, or the First Watch on Banyon Blvd. But today was a whole new experience. When I got to the point where I knew it was my time, the only restaurant open at 6:30 am was this little humble joint on the side of the road.
Purposefully, I walked in prostrating to the girl standing there, and said toilette? She then said, x!@H*%^. And I responded, bathroom? Not really waiting for her response, I started scoping the place for the bathroom. She exclaims XH$#@*&! and I see someone is in there. So I wait….and I wait..until the urge is starting to subside a bit. Finally, the man comes out of the bathroom and I go in only to find a hole in the floor with a cement square in front of it, filled with water and a large pot (like a huge flower pot) also filled with water, with a small bucket in it. I assessed the possibilities here, and what I would have to do in order to make this possible, and then just turned around and walked out.
These are some of the small challenges here in Thailand. That and the fact that we keep getting lost on the scooter. But it is good because we keep getting lost in the same way, so at least we are getting familiar with a new section of town. We just call it, ‘the way we get lost’ area. Actually, it seems to have some really cool places that I am sure we will check out soon.
Until Then…stay away from the coconuts with straws in them.
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  1. trying to find you on facebook, wats your profile

  2. Rowdy says:

    Kudos to you! I hadn’t toghhut of that!

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