Sponsoring Children In Nepal

The Nepal Project works directly with the children and their families contributing: housing, clothing, education tuition, books, and food. The project currently supports 13 children in the Kathmandu city who are in great need. Many indigenous families from the villages in Nepal work as farm laborers. Unable to make ends meet, they have been forced into a desperate trade—selling their children to work far from home as bonded servants in private homes or as dishwashers in tea houses.

Some of these children are as young as six. Alone and far from home, these "indentured servants" have no knowledge of the ways of city people or of other cultures, and most speak only the local dialect. Their living conditions are entirely at the discretion of their employers. The children seldom attend school and have no prospects for a decent future. Some are ultimately forced into prostitution. Some families have 10 or 12 children (most of these mothers never received an education, which could have introduced them to family planning).

In Nepal, the average income is $210 per year for an entire family, so the average of $40-70 that a daughter's labor brings is important. The child works for room and board only - usually a spot on the floor and leftovers; and the only advantage to the family is that it is relieved of the burden of support. While living in Thailand, we met a woman named Brenda, who for the past 8 years, has been sponsoring different children from Nepal. She pays for their school tuition, books, clothing if necessary and helps these children's families if they are in desperate need.

We had the opportunity to travel with her to Nepal to meet these children and decided we wanted to contribute too! So, through Brenda, we met an Artisan in Thailand who sculpts clay figurines. The figurines were fun and full of creativity and love and we thought they would be the perfect token to remind us all that there are many, many children in need of some care. Join us in the cause!!! We will donate 100% of the proceeds from the sales of these figurines to support the children in Nepal project. You can order from us online or call us and we can send them to your store, or to you directly as a fund raising opportunity. Thank you for caring and making a difference.